Paediatric stretcher chair

CLAVIA KIDS, is a unique and specific paediatric stretcher chair for one day care.
CLAVIA KIDS complies, with its specific side rails and paediatric optional kit at head-end, with the requirements of the French Medical Safety Agency ANSM with regard to children under 146 cm.

Fully electric, CLAVIA KIDS enables everyday medical staff using. It permits room optimization by replacing medical beds in one day care unit.
Very comfortable and with a playfull design, CLAVIA KIDS will bring psychological comfort to chidren.
Non-comprehensive list.Kindly ask us for details.

Several optional features can be added to the CLAVIA KIDS, such as :

  • paediatric kit at head-end
  • 4 double runing wheel castors Ø 150 mm with central lock
  • removable and adjustable IV pole
  • lateral protection cushion
  • head protection cushion