Stretcher bed for one day surgery

CLAVIA LSA CHIR fits perfectly into the patient circuit in fast-track or directly in the surgery unit.
Since he arrives until he leaves the unit, the patient no longer needs to be transfered. The procedure is done directly on the trolley.
Its remarkable mobility ensures good use approval caregivers.

CLAVIA LSA CHIR is for ophthalmic surgery, Stomatology, ENT, hand surgery, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, …
Non-comprehensive list. Kindly ask us for details.

Several optional features can be added to the CLAVIA LSA CHIR, such as :

  • double running wheels Ø 150 mm
  • a 5th directional wheel
  • removable and adjustable IV pole
  • removable surgery head rest for ophthalmology
  • removable surgery head rest for stomatology and ENT
  • I-Pad support